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Honolulu Taxi Service (808) 699-9999


Honolulu Taxi Yellow Cab 24 hour dispatch (808)699-9999


LOST OR STOLEN ITEMS Please report any lost items as soon as possible to dispatch at


How long does it take for the taxi to arrive?

We can get cabs to most locations in under 15 minutes.

How Much does a taxi cab from Honolulu international airport (HNL) to a Waikiki hotel cost?

Typical Metered Taxi will cost between 28-35 dollars depending on traffic conditions. We also provide flat rate shuttle services.

Is there seat belt requirements?

Passengers are requires to use seat belts at all times.

How many passengers can fit in a taxi?

A typical sedan taxi can hold 4 passengers and a mini van can hold up to 6 passengers. Vans are the same price as sedans with meters set by the state of Hawaii.

Any questions feel free to call us at any time.